LNG Contracts Manager

Exciting opportunity for a start-up operation in the Energy sector in Europe, based in Madrid.
This position is responsible for ensuring operational excellence when it comes to managing the commercial aspects of our existing contracts as well as ensuring the smooth implementation of any new contract entering into our portfolio. The ADP is key in determining the profitability and revenue for the financial year ahead and it is contract management’s role to coordinate this process together with the relevant trading and shipping stakeholders. The role has an important function as gate keepers when it comes to ensuring contractually we are able to meet our obligations and any trading function will closely have to work with contract management. The role is very diversified and the positions allows to see all the commercial aspects of the LNG business.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Coordinating the yearly ADP process (together other stakeholders from trading/cargo ops/financial trading)
  • Responsible for within year ADP changes/request and Ninety Day Schedule
  • Review and update existing PETS/PESSA MSPA template (if and when required)
  • Responsible to setting up clear implementation procedures for each new contract involving multiple functions (e.g. finance, shipping, credit etc)
  • Responsible for the analysis and part of the negotiation team for various price reviews under LNG contracts
  • Responsible for existing contracts and their management such as aspects relating to payment (invoices), credit, quality, FM and notifications of spot/short/mid and long term SPAs and monitoring the implementation of all other provisions to ensure PETS/PESSA compliance

What you'll need to succeed
The ideal candidate will have vast experience in a LNG contract management/front office role with the ability to work in a dynamic environment with excellent teamwork skills to allow smooth interaction with multiple stakeholder such as but not limited to the spot trading team, LNG operations team as well as the portfolio optimisation and financial hedging team. Must possess a strong commercial acumen and this role is very suitable for candidates who wish to progress their career into a trading/structured trading role.


Tipo de trabajo
Energía y Minería
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