Administrative Executive (Office Manager)

Exciting opportunity for a start-up operation in the Energy sector in Europe, based in Madrid.
This professional will manage the front desk operations, such as receiving of calls to the general office line, visitor management, receiving of guests and package deliveries to the office, and will be based at the front desk of the office. S/he will also provide efficient and effective secretarial and administrative support to the teams, including but not limited to the coordination of meetings and handling/management of documents. S/he will also provide support for the organisation’s travel requirements via the “Travel Desk” to ensure that travel arrangements and processes are effective and efficiently run. S/he will also work closely with the Corporate Affairs Manager to support the wider administration goals and initiatives such as general office administration, including but not limited to office maintenance and the stocking of office supplies and provisions.

What you'll need to succeed
Experience in Front Office Operations and General Office Administration
  • Manage front desk operations including the receiving of guests, incoming calls (screening of calls are required) as well as courier services; and
  • Manage visitor management operations including guest registration matters and facilitation of visitor interactions;
  • Work closely with Corporate Affairs Manager on the corporate administrative framework for the office;
  • Support general office administration including but not limited to office maintenance and the stocking of office supplies and provisions.

Experience in Corporate Team Support

  • Support business teams with meeting organisation and bookings where required;
  • Maintain office travel processes including overseas travel request (OTR) submission, approvals etc
  • Work closely with staff travelling and appointed travel agency and serve as the bridge between staff and the agency on specific travel matters;
  • Ensure that all travel booking are in line with corporate travel policy.
  • Able to work independently and as a team and can adopt a service-oriented mindset, particularly when rendering administrative services and duties within the company, and business fluency in English and Spanish.


Tipo de trabajo
Energía y Minería
Madrid centro
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